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Our philosophy

The owner Edmond Cridel, The Chef Lionel Lebrun
The Managing Director François Rocca Serra, as well as all the staff are delighted to welcome you.

The culinary art, that we offer here is rich and creative.
For us, eating is a lot more than just feeding oneself.
It’s a moment made for sharing, stopping time, discovering and beautiful subtilty.

We prepare all our food from fresh quality produce.
We maticulously selected the best Corsican products or get it from our organic vegetable garden.
We offer you Corsican Cuisine with a twist, reinvented by Lionel…Corsican himself.
We are not distant, not overconfident or pretentious with our clients.
Quite the contrary

When we welcome you to our table, it is a little like opening our hearts to you.
It is our sincerity we offer you.

Lodge A Cheda introduces Its Local Suppliers
L’A Cheda is Locavore, we care and respect where our products come from and the distance it travels to get to us, we say the shorter the better.
Also convinced about the quality of our local produce we firmly try to supply ourselves mainly with passionate artisans from our land.

Patrice Bourret – Les jardins d’Alesani – 20234 Felce

Altra Carri – Veau Bio Corse – 20000 Ajaccio

Areo – Agneau Corse – 20000 Ajaccio

Damien Catoire – Pêche – 20169 Bonifacio

Christophe Piazza – Charcuterie – 20132 Zicavu

Jean Zani – Charcuterie – 20148 Cozzano

Joseph Terrazzoni – Fromage – 20169 Bonifacio.

Anne Amalric – Huile d’Olive – 20270 Aghione

Fabienne Maestracci – Huile d’Olive – 20169 Bonifacio

Alain Valentini – Apiculteur – 20215 Vescovato

Charles Sforzini – Noisettes et Salinu – 20221 Cervione

Béatrice Vidil-Bacci – Safran de Palavesa – 20137 Porto-Vecchio